Suraj Gajendra | Arm

Senior Director of Technology Strategy

Suraj is responsible for enabling key Arm architecture based heterogeneous compute solutions for Software Defined Vehicles. Prior to joining Arm in 2019, Suraj spent over 15 years at Intel, leading architecture and execution of IoT solutions based on the Intel ATOM SoC product line as its Chief Engineer.

11:45 - 12:15

Conference day Thursday, November 11, 2021

Cloud Native To Automotive Edge


The power of computing is transforming the automotive industry and with it the expectations and role of mobility in our society. This amazing opportunity, that will precipitate real change in our world, requires new technologies, capabilities and relationships as well as innovation at the intersection between hardware and software. Specialized, power efficient computing, with new levels and types of safety capability will enable trust required for widespread acceptance and deployment. Software will lead this revolution, with cloud-native development methodologies and architectures helping to manage the exponentially increasing complexity. This session will outline Arm’s vision of the automotive future, the broader impact of Software Defined Car, and the innovation and technologies that will take us there.