Sonja Hummel | Continental

Program Lead Continental Automotive Edge Framework

Sonja Hummel is the Program Lead of the Continental Automotive Edge Framework (CAEdge). In her role, she is responsible for the planning and execution of the CAEdge program and its subprojects. CAEdge is Continental’s approach to create scalable solutions for software defined vehicles.
Hummel joined Continental in 2011. Throughout her career she maintained a strong focus on digitalization and took on various roles in the development and productization of automotive cloud services.
She has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Deggendorf Institute of Technologies.

9.20 am - 9.50 am

Conference day Thursday, November 11, 2021

Continental Automotive Edge Platform – enabling efficient product development


The automotive industry is currently transforming into a mobility ecosystem. The evolution of vehicle architectures towards centralized high-performance computers enables the Software-Defined Vehicle. The Continental Automotive Edge Framework (CAEdge) enables faster development of hardware agnostic distributed functions for Scalable Vehicle Computing Platforms. This provides interchangeable building blocks with pre-defined, easy-to-adapt interfaces across the stack, covering hardware, software, tooling, and the cloud. CAEdge offers a cohesive, integrated tool framework for user friendly and fast SW development and operations. Customers can immediately start using the Cloud, High Performance Computer Development Kit and End-to-end System Exploration Kit without series hardware.