Partha Goswami | General Motors

Senior Manager – Technology Trends

Partha Goswami has over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry, with a background spanning product development and a variety of business assignments. He has been working on various facets of technology strategy for the last 10 years, had managed General Motor R&D’s advanced portfolio in Connected Vehicle and was actively involved in ideation for GM’s first modern electric car Chevy Volt. As senior manager of technology trends in Product Planning, he is currently responsible for identifying big trends and exploring future implications. Mr. Goswami speaks at industry forums on emerging trends. In addition to chairing SAE’s Vehicle IoT working committee, he has engaged in advisory capacity with organizations like LA Automobility, IQPC, George Washington University etc. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from Iowa State University, an MBA from University of Michigan and has a certification as foresight professional from University of Houston.

15:50 - 16:25

Conference day Thursday, November 11, 2021

KEYNOTE: Software defined future of the automotive industry


The first 100 years of the automobile produced vehicles that were largely mechanically controlled appliances. Even though the vehicle systems are increasingly computerized, managed by individual ECU’s, their functions or performances cannot easily be updated after sales, nor can new features be added. The industry is now at an inflexion point, where the automobile is starting to mimic the traits of a mobile smartphone with an underlying compute platform whose features or functions can be refreshed at scale over-the-air through the entire vehicle life. This talk looks at industry landscape of this evolution, emergence of SDV or software defined vehicle and the associated challenges and potential.