Michael Hülsewies | Continental AG

SVP & Head of Architecture & Software

20+ years international experience in engineering, sales and program management. Degree in Business Informatics. Started career at Delphi (now Aptiv) as E/E System Engineer, lead ‘EUCD’ EDS engineering team in Germany (Ford) & Sweden (Volvo Cars). Several years executive leadership, responsible for all engineering activities in the EDS division first in EU, later Global. Additional assignment as owner of Advanced E/E Architecture Megatrend and strategic activities. From 2018 until 6/2020 working in Santa Clara, CA as Sr. Director at Byton Corp. North America, leading E/E System Engineering & SW Integration, ADAS & Functional Safety team. Since July 2020 SVP & Head of Architecture & Software at Continental.

10:30 - 11:00

Thursday, November 19

Quo vadis, E/E Architecture…or: The ‚next big thing‘: Software Defined Vehicle


Integration efforts and dependencies become almost unmanageable. We need a paradigm shift to break the vicious circle and enable enormous business potential:
Centralize Compute…and de-couple vehicle SW from device SW
Function / Domain ‚agnostic‘ High-Performance Compute (HPC) Platform Standard
mP / SoC / SoM ‚family‘, supporting modular HPC approach & vertical integration
Sufficient & safe de-central I/O collection / concentration:
De-couple application SW from component base SW & network topology
enabling (µ)Service-Oriented Architecture & Design
Automotive OS and standardized SDK/IDE…incl. Collaboration Platform:
Vertical Enablers & Cloud Connectivity – enabling data management, back-end compute etc.
New business models: SaaP, SaaS, Service / Maintenance agreements until & beyond EOL