Michael Armbruster | Elektrobit

Chief Expert

Michael Armbruster studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe and did his PHD at Universität Stuttgart at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy. The main field of research has been open and cost-efficient fault-tolerant system architectures for Fly-by-Wire and X-by-Wire systems.
After that, Michael has been employed at Robert Bosch GmbH working as system and safety engineer for video-based driver assistant systems.
At Siemens, he helped to develop scalable and fault-tolerant SW integration platforms for vehicles and „Demand response transportation“ based on self-driving shuttles that are supported by environment modeling and localization done within road traffic infrastructure.
Starting from early 2019, Michael supports the development of EB corbos Linux for automotive applications at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH mainly in the area of safety.

14:10 - 14:40

Thursday, November 19

Linux for safe high-performance computing


Linux has been used since many years in various domains and meanwhile also found its way into the automotive industry. The main area of automotive application as of now is infotainment. Automotive sees value in expanding the use of Linux into all high-performance compute use cases, driver assist, gateway and full HMI. There, high-assurance security meets the need for ASIL-D, long-term maintenance, real-time capabilities, open-source based implementations and continuous SW updates including functional evolution after SOP.

Linux is predestined to address these needs. The large development ecosystem and a huge community full of Linux experts at all levels drives Linux towards security and performance on embedded multicore systems and PREEMPT_RT provides real-time capabilities that are fully sufficient for ADAS and HMI use cases.

The remaining open challenge is functional safety. Which mitigation means are needed to enable a valid argumentation on systematic capabilities that are compliant to established safety standards such as IEC 61508?

This presentation outlines how to apply Linux for safe applications and aspects such as process proficiency, verification proficiency and integrity proficiency.