Martin Olsson | Arriver

Head Of Compute Architecture

Martin Olsson leads the Compute Architecture work of Arriver Software and has supported a long technical evolution of ADAS and Computer Vision solutions within first Autoliv, later Veoneer and now Arriver Software. This evolution has enabled Arriver SW Architects, SW Engineers and Algorithm developers to innovate and use state-of-the art SoC technology in bringing the safety and user experience of Arriver solutions to market during transitions to higher performance CNN-enabled multi-function execution platforms. Martin has a background in Systems Architecture, SoC/ASIC design, Image & Signal Processing and Technical Leadership in a variety of technology and application fields, and has served the Automotive Industry since 2011. Martin holds a MScEE degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from Linkoping University.

14:20 - 14:50

Conference day Thursday, November 11, 2021

ADAS & AD Software Stacks in complex multi-function SoC integrations


Multi-function SoC with integrated CNN and DSP capability is the only practical way for ADAS & AD software to benefit from the Cost- and Performance evolutions of Moore’s law. The integration of multiple safety-relevant Software Stacks, using combinations of scalar, vector and matrix processing gives new possibilities but also new challenges.
This integration interplays with the OEM needs to cover scale ranges from commodity-only to evolving L3 solutions. The changing ecosystem of SW Stack Providers, such as Arriver Software, deals with new workflows and engagement models supported by advanced SW execution platforms and middleware solutions and key topics related to these transitions will be presented and explored.