Martin Bornemann | Aptiv

Director Systems, Aptiv Mobility Architecture Group

Martin Bornemann joined Aptiv more than 20 years ago and worked on several positions in innovation management, project management and HW development. He is currently responsible for the hardware and system aspects of Aptiv’ s Smart Vehicle Architecture (SVA) concept in the CTO office.

Before this time at Aptiv he designed Telecom equipment for Ericsson and did WLAN research with Bosch.

15:30 - 16:00

Thursday, November 19

Sustainable Automotive System and Software Architecture Development


Current Automotive E/EA Architectures are consisting of discrete ECUs, which represent a dedicated user function and allow a certain content scaling in vehicle platforms. This concept causes currently long development cycles with high cost and low SW reuse options.
A way out of this situation is a centralized E/EA architecture with small number of ECUs, standardized SW layers and interfaces together with an abstraction of the I/O devices from the main compute units.
Aptiv developed the Smart Vehicle Architecture concept, which enables the sustainable development of Automotive software and hardware in future vehicles. It allows to scale the vehicle content from an entry car with no driver assistance up to a high-class SUV with Level 3/4 Autonomous Driving capabilities. The introduction of zonal controllers and centralized compute units solves the issue of a high number of discrete ECUs and provides a well layered SW structure. New physical interfaces like e.g. PCI Express or MIPI A-Phy will enable the cost-efficient abstraction of sensor interfaces from central compute units. But the most important key success factor will be the standardization of vehicle SW platforms over multiple OEM and Tier1 companies.